Nice n Easy Seaside

This is so Νice n Easy and Dazzling

The mouthwatering, signature taste of the Nice n Easy restaurant reintroduces itself with a bit of zing and in full summer mode at the iconic Astir Beach, as Nice n Easy Seaside. Treat yourself to the beloved organic and healthy-gourmet philosophy of Nice n Easy, while enjoying Astir’s idyllic surroundings. A variety of wines and cocktails awaits those seeking an elegant night out till late hours. Don’t forget that the restaurant is also available to organize your own event to the highest standard, based on your personal needs and taste.

Giorgos Mouchtaridis @ Nice N Easy Seaside

Tuesday, 21st of August, 20:00, the music thirst is getting real. Radio producer and DJ, Giorgos Mouchtaridis, is dropping by nice n easy seaside and blessing us all with his addictive sounds. Gotta be there.

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